My name is Frank Henshall and I live in South Cheshire with my wife, Fran. Together we run Frank Henshall Photography and Video. We have 2 lovely children and 2 dogs and a cat who keep us sane when life gets a bit frantic!

Fran gets involved in most aspects of the business apart from anything behind a camera, so that I can do what I love – always behind a camera or flying my drone! I am a fully qualified and insured CAA drone pilot. 

I am an enthusiastic, friendly guy with a good sense of humour. I live and breathe photography and video, love meeting new people and I get a real buzz out of shooting events and conferences and creating amazing videos and photos on location, whether they involve people or machinery! 

Speed is my weapon of choice! As an experienced professional, I know how to bond with people in a short space of time to make them feel relaxed. I can capture the moment in seconds, ensuring the smooth flow of your event and often without people being aware that they have even been photographed!

As an ex-engineer (many moons ago), I have a logical mindset that comes in very handy when shooting at industrial sites.  I soon get to grips with the brief, the processes involved and therefore what is required.

My most frightening job!… 300ft up, hanging from a crane and photographing scaffolding at a power station! This was pre drone times, I came down white as a sheet and legs like jelly…but we got the shot!  That’s dedication for you! Other unusual locations I have photographed in are coal mines, inside the furnace of a power station (it was off) and hanging out of aircraft!

If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch. I am always happy to talk!