Commercial Video

We offer a unique and flexible videography service that captures all the key moments in the form of short video clips. These are then creatively edited to a sound track and result in a video that is ideally 1-3 minutes long but can vary depending on your particular preference.

Some people like the idea of a ‘highlights’ video that is packed with detail but that is punchy and quick to watch, particularly for social media use. Others may require more of an accurate record of an event or a process, resulting in a longer, documentary style film. Whichever style you choose, our aim is to set the scene using location and set up clips, followed by the main content. If we are staying overnight, sometimes some time lapse footage at night makes for a great close.

I am a qualified drone pilot, so I can also include magnificent, aerial footage that adds another dimension to your video (we always check in advance if drones are allowed to be used). I have an amazing assistant videographer who can come along to add even more dynamic angles to the final production if required.

This was an investment conference shot at the Savoy in London. We wanted to capture the city from dawn till dusk and the conference in between. Sometimes you have to burn the candle at both ends to get the dynamic footage needed. Enjoy the time laps right at the end!

This  is a short video covering the installation of a Solar Park for a company who was looking forward in time to reduce their energy costs. As electricity has increased in cost so much, the return on investment is now much shorter making the project viable. I hope you like it!

Exolum have been using us for many years to photograph and film their conferences (thank you!). Each year they have a new location for the conference. This year it was Manchester. We wanted to capture the city to set the scene, as well as the content of the event. This time they wanted a shorter video to play at the close of the event (no pressure then!). We shot over two days and had one evening to edit! This is the end result, we just love the drone footage at the end!


Our client contacted us requesting the filming of an existing site that was to be repurposed to store and supply LPG (liquid petroleum gas). This was shot over a year with seven visits to site. If flying a drone over and near flammable storage vessels was not enough, add in a nuclear power station too! We had to be trained by the client to safely attend site. Permits to work, gas monitors, fire retardant overalls and clearance from the CAA to actually fly in the area were all needed.


So when our client called and requested an installation video for their new steel fabrication plant and said, ‘We want drone footage at the airfield’, I must admit my heart did skip a beat and there was a short silence on the phone, followed by, ‘Ok, there may be a quite a bit of paperwork involved!’.  Well we did it and we were all very happy with the end result!


This was so much fun to capture! This event was designed for customers to meet suppliers, find out about new products and get to know each other better. The weather played its part and the event was a big hit.

This video was commissioned to show how this company was able to deal with the complex removal of a 75ft tree in a residential area. The surrounding property was at risk if the tree was not removed in a controlled way.  Not the easiest of jobs for me either due to the limited safe area to film and the fact drones and trees do not mix very well!